Perhaps you can’t teach this old dog new [internet] tricks, because I had to switch to my beloved blogspot.  I know how to work it and make it look like I’d like.  I think to do that, here, on wordpress, I’d need to pay to use a template, which I cannot justify at the moment.

No hard feelings, wordpress? 

Find me now at

Hope to see you soon!

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We’ve been M.I.A. for a month.  Sorry about that.  🙂

Ever since the last week in April, things here have been crazy. Between life and shop orders, we’ve been going, going, going.  I have made a few things for Thing 1 in between, when time allows.

Wanna know a secret?  I don’t know how to use store bought patterns.  They don’t give enough instruction (at least in my opinion).  If I buy patterns, I like to buy them from bloggers or etsy shop owners, because they have taken the time to make them, they are easier to follow, plus, they are waaaay cuter. 

My favorite one of late is the Tulip Pinafore top pattern from Sophie at Too Sweets.  I have been feeling gingham-y this spring (summer, really), probably because I have been pining over Olive Juice’s kids clothes.  If only money grew on trees…anywho.  I made the pinafore top in a simple black gingham.  It has a button closure, so I used the only large button I had on hand, a red one.  It feels a bit ladybug-ish, which I don’t care for, but she loves the top (as do I), so I’m not too bothered by it.

Plus…they go great with wellies, don’t you think.  The perfect summer top!

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KCWC – Day 4

Upcycled clothing must be my thing this week.  A dress for Thing 1 from a ridiculously cute t-shirt.  I have had this shirt for almost 3 years now.  I bought it at Goodwill back when I first discovered Lil Blue Boo and I was going to make a fun pieced dress out of it, but I never did.  I couldn’t stand to cut up the cute clouds.  In my mind, it was paired with this yellow striped tank top that didn’t quite fit me right after having my first baby.

Fast forward a couple of years and I finally got the swift kick in the pants to do something with it.  First, I tried the shirt on her, just to make sure that it didn’t almost fit her as a regular shirt.  She was not a fan of it, threw a fit, and told me that she did not like it, that thunder clouds were mean.  But then I told her I was going to make it into a dress and her tune changed.  Such is life with a 3.5 year old.  ::sigh::
KCWC - Day 4 Before
I based the dress on this dress from Make It and Love It.  I did not a-line it as much (because I couldn’t) and did a few pleats at the top instead of ruffling it (again, I couldn’t, not enough fabric.)
KCWC - Day 4
Learning how to do the 5 strand braid was way fun!  Like I want to keep braiding.  I have seen braided upcycled rugs and I totally think I could do that with this.  The part I hate about my particular one, is that to get the length necessary, I had to cut it around the shirt instead of lengthwise, so it has a side seem hiding right up front.  Oh well.  Live and learn.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of her wearing it. The end of today did not turn out as I thought it would. Impromptu dinner at my parents, picking up a newly fixed lawnmower, mixed with leaving town for a wedding = not getting picture/Day 5 not happening. Looks like I’ll have to make up for it next week. I look forward to seeing everyone else’s though!

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KCWC – Day 3

A success story!  Finally!  A few weeks (months?) back I bought 4 t-shirts at Goodwill with the intention of making some comfy play/sleep pants for Thing 2.  He rarely gets things sewn for him, just the odd tie here or there, you know for Easter or Christmas or something.  I followed Dana’s method for making a pants pattern – thanks Old Navy for doing the hard work for me!

Half of these pants have a sports theme.  It was hard finding shirts that I was ok with the logo or words.  A lot of people give away those free t-shirts that you get at events – which begs the question, why am I paying $2 for a shirt that someone else got for free?  Money goes to a good cause, right?

So 4 pants – black, navy, gray, & brown.  Boy staple colors.  The black ones say “Aurora” with a basketball.  The significance is that Aurora is a town in Ohio, near my husband’s hometown.  The gray pants say “Indians”, again with the Ohio thing.  Except these are football “Indians” not baseball.  Oh, and my alma mater’s mascot are the Indians.  Double score.  The navy ones are plain, and the brown ones say “Pura Vida” – glad someone got to enjoy Costa Rica, since I haven’t been able to.
KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants
KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants
I have only tried one pair on him, they are a little long, but with all his walking around, they folded up nicely on their own.  He’s not tripping, so I’m not complaining.  We’ll see about the others.

They are great for releasing butterflies (it is no longer our death cage).
KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants
Great for snatching up big sister’s Dora ball (Dora, how I loathe thee. You are banned from my house, forever and ever amen.)
KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants
Great for finding sticks and hanging out by rain gutters.
KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants
KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants

(Please ignore my back porch.  It is going to get some attention this summer, whether hubs likes it or not!)

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again.  He reminds me of sweet little Sam from Love Actually.  I love, LOVE his crazy hair. Almost as much as I love him!

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KCWC – Day 2

Man, I am batting 1000 here!  So yesterday’s fail was to get reworked today – until I realized that the fabric would not be big enough, or something.  It wasn’t happening.  But I really wanted to use this butterfly fabric for Thing 1.  She loves butterflies right now.  The ones we have been raising have emerged from their chrysalis and we are releasing them into the wild anyday now.  We can’t keep them in the cage the whole time due to my husband calling it a “death cage” the entire time we’ve had them.

So, I could do the easy thing and do a skirt.  I can knock out a skirt in half an hour.  But she has lots of those, so I decided to do the knot shorts Meg did for Grosgrain’s Free Pattern Month.

I follow directions awesomely this time.  The shorts turn out great…except for the fact that they don’t fit.  The pants I grabbed to make the pattern from were tights…I totally didn’t think.  But I love the shorts, so I might just have to make her a different pair…that actually fit. So, the only picture you are getting is the finished product…not on the kid. And right after this, the dog ran off, so we had to go find him. Is it Monday??

Tomorrow’s a new day, right?  Perhaps I will make something correctly.  ::sigh::

IMG_3359 copy

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KCWC – Day 1

My day 1 plan failed.  Epically.  Well, maybe not epically…but enough to tick me off.  I had planned on making this apron dress, but turns out, idiot me can’t follow instructions properly and folded fabric wrong.  Oh well, on to Plan B, right?  Maybe I can salvage it tomorrow.

So, Plan B turned into repurposing.  It was fast and simple.  Thing 1 has a yellow long-sleeve shirt with silver starts (Target) that she just LOVES.  And she’s been picking it to wear a lot lately, except I won’t let her because it is already too hot for longsleeves in Texas (on most days, at least.)

I stumbled across this on Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect way to repurpose her shirt for spring wear.

It was easy.  And she loved it.  Point – me!

I have no before shots and not “just the t-shirt” shots, but I do have some park action photos.  Proof that she thinks it’s great, right?

KCWC Day 1 - RepurposingIMG_3352 copy

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Next week is the spring edition of Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge. 

I have followed Elsie Marley’s KCWC in the past, but never actually participated, so this is a first for me!  I have had the most fun going through Pinterest and deciding what I want to make.   

1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via

I have been loving the Apron Top Tutorial that Bridget has over at Everyday Chaos (#1 above.)  Thing 1 picked out some butterfly fabric that she thinks would be a perfect dress. We’re kinda into butterflies right now.  She has butterfly sheets (and refuses to let me put on the cool vintage sheets that I discovered at my grandparents’ house), we try to catch butterflies, and we are even growing our own butterflies – they are in the chrysallis stage right now, if you are curious.

I also plan on repurposing some of Thing 1’s long-sleeve t-shirts.  I love the cute shirring (?) that Susan, from Crafterhours, did for her own sweet girl.  I suppose I could repurpose some of Thing 2’s shirts, too, they just won’t be cute and ruffly.  More like, cute and manly. 🙂

And speaking of Thing 2…he kinda gets the raw end of the sewing deal most of the time.  I plan on repurposing some thrifted t-shirts into play pants for him, and maybe attacking one of the Flashback tee’s, in a short-sleeve style.  You know, since it is mid-summer around these parts already.

And I have been wanting to try a non-knit shirt for Thing 1, and the pleats that Jessica has added to that shirt above are just precious!  I am kinda tempted to make it into a dress…but I really want a shirt to go with her mama-made skirts.

It will be pretty hectic next week, getting ready for a friend’s wedding and trying to do this, but I am determined to make the most of it!

So go check out Elsie Marley and start figuring out what you are going to make!

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