KCWC – Day 2

Man, I am batting 1000 here!  So yesterday’s fail was to get reworked today – until I realized that the fabric would not be big enough, or something.  It wasn’t happening.  But I really wanted to use this butterfly fabric for Thing 1.  She loves butterflies right now.  The ones we have been raising have emerged from their chrysalis and we are releasing them into the wild anyday now.  We can’t keep them in the cage the whole time due to my husband calling it a “death cage” the entire time we’ve had them.

So, I could do the easy thing and do a skirt.  I can knock out a skirt in half an hour.  But she has lots of those, so I decided to do the knot shorts Meg did for Grosgrain’s Free Pattern Month.

I follow directions awesomely this time.  The shorts turn out great…except for the fact that they don’t fit.  The pants I grabbed to make the pattern from were tights…I totally didn’t think.  But I love the shorts, so I might just have to make her a different pair…that actually fit. So, the only picture you are getting is the finished product…not on the kid. And right after this, the dog ran off, so we had to go find him. Is it Monday??

Tomorrow’s a new day, right?  Perhaps I will make something correctly.  ::sigh::

IMG_3359 copy

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1 Response to KCWC – Day 2

  1. Amber @ Rowan & Oak says:

    They look super cute on the grass 🙂 Love the butterfly fabric. I’ve been wanting to make those shorts too but my daughter is in a dress or skirt only phase. She will only willingly wear pants when we’re going for a hike. Funny, my mom had the opposite problem with me;)

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