Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a happy Easter yesterday! We had a nice, relaxing weekend of egg hunting, catfish feeding, and step-sitting (in lieu of children’s choir singing). 🙂

PS. The dress was made using this tutorial from Make It and Love It.  I still need to make the waist elastic longer, as my husband said it was hard getting it over her head.  But she never complained…

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Coming Soon!

I recently made a batch of itty bitty ties (6-12 month size) for Jessica, an Oregon based photographer, to use as props in her newborn sessions.  Turns out, there is a sweet little boy being born this week!

The orange (far right) is a style currently for sale in the shop, but the others will be listed very soon.  I can’t decide which is my favorite – aqua plaid is very summery, yellow circles are very modern, but I have a very strong affection for houndstooth!  ::sigh::  Good thing I don’t have to choose!



Can’t wait to see those photos, Jessica!  Thanks!

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Etsy Finds Friday – Studly Edition

I have never been a big accessory wearer.  The only jewelry I wear on a daily basis (semi-daily basis?) are my wedding rings, Aggie ring, and my cartilage earring.

I know what you’re thinking – you still have that?  Didn’t most people give up on that and let it grow up already?  Well, I still have it, so don’t make fun of me!  There is a fun story behind it though…One of my dear childhood friends and I were teaching VBS at our church one summer (I was 19, she was 18) and we decided to go get it done one night.  We went straight from church to the tattoo parlor.  I was nervous telling my mom since I was technically living at home (for the summer) and since she had made it perfectly clear that she hated the things (and tattos…didn’t get one of those.)  The man who did the piercing told me that if this was the wildest thing I have done in 19 years, then my mom should calm down and consider herself lucky.  It hurt, too.  Maybe that’s why I still have it.

Where was I?  Oh, right.  accessories.  Lately I have been drawn to fun earrings – my favorites being studs.  In my opinion, there is nothing classier than the simpleness that stud earrings bring.  Plus, they are totally “mom” friendly, which makes anything high on my “I love it” list!


1. 10mm coral studs 2. fabric button studs 3. 14k gold infinity studs

1. petite round studs 2. star studs 3. silverLotus studs

1. orange and yellow lace studs 2. neon turquoise frosted studs 3. silver plated copper wire studs

1. red freshwater pearl studs 2.white, gray, & turquoise button glass studs 3. chrysoprase stud earrings
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Who is Mason Jar?

Funny story.  My pals and I were discussing baby names, because, well, that’s what we do.  One friend said, “I like the name Mason.”  Her sister was like, “Like Mason Jar.”  My response, “Who is Mason Jar?  I don’t know who that is.”

They die laughing.  I have no idea what was going through my mind.  Mason jar.  Really.  See, the thing is, that same friend is getting married in about a month and mason jars are a pretty big part of the decor.  My mom and I recently threw her a shower, so it was only natural to incorporate these into the theme.  See Exhibit A. below.

I used chalkboard paint to make the food signs.  It is just painted on pre-cut wood that I found at Michael’s, hot-glued onto skinny dowel rods.  My tip – find skinny chalk.  I wish I had to fore-thought to take pictures before people showed up.  That and take the paper towels off the sandwiches.

I found everything on Pinterest.  We spent most of the shower explaining Pinterest to some of the older ladies in attendance.  They were flabbergasted.  It was cute.  🙂 My favorite item at the shower was the button monogram E.  Oh, and see, mason jars continued to make an appearance.

Thing 1 loved the buttons.  She begged me to make another one.  Not in her initial, or even the initial of our last name.  Nope.  She wanted another “E”.  Silly girl.

A few close-ups.  I just love the fancy buttons.  I think they were the perfect touch!  All buttons and frame were purchased at Hobby Lobby.  All I did was hot-glue the burlap to the cardboard insert.  My mom made me cut a piece of burlap to cover the backside and hide my wonky folding job.  Mom’s know best.  Then I traced a capital “E” onto paper (Times New Roman, like 300+ size font), then traced it onto the burlap.  Then went crazy with the hot glue gun.  Easy. 
Please excuse the dirty floors.

Other details (unpictured): We drank sangria, lemonade, and sweet tea out of mason jars, with gray and pink striped straws with flags that said “Cheers”(from here). Oh, and a friend’s mom saved all the trash to reuse in her music class at the local elementary – they are doing a performance using recycled goods. Fun!

And to think I had no idea who “Mason Jar” was.

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A Little Nature Bag

Whoa!  I took a week off.  Look at that.  🙂  Turns out, turning 30 takes a lot out of you.  Especially when your husband plans a surprise trip to LA with your 4 best friends!  I am still trying to catch up on real life.

Recently, I bought this fabric from Melissa at Tiny Happy.  I have secretly followed her blog for a while now.  I love everything about her style: simple and vintage!  I believe I found her when I discovered sewing, right after my daughter , Thing 1, was born.

When I bought it, I automatically thought about making a little nature bag for Thing 1.  We go on lots of walks around the neighborhood and I figured it would be perfect for collecting fun things.  Usually she finds leaves and makes me hold onto them for her, which is hard when I am trying to pull Thing 2 in the wagon.  She wouldn’t dare put her finds in the wagon with baby brother, he might do something extreme, you know, like look at them or (hold your breath) touch them!  🙂

When I proposed this idea to her, she was immediately on board.  She is typically on board with anything I make, as long as it is for her.  I didn’t use a pattern (obviously, as it is not fancy or impressive) and hindsight, I would have made it taller than wide, but I was accomodating her wishes.  Whatever.  She likes it. 

And an action shot. She asked that I take her picture in the “pretty flower tree”. Because it is wider than it is tall, she tends to lose some of her objects as she swings the bag and jumps. If you know any three year olds, then you know that they don’t walk anywhere; they hop/skip/jump/run everwhere!

Don’t worry, little brother is not left out. I bought this fabric for his own nature bag, when he actually walks with us. He has recently taken to walking, but prefers riding still. For now.

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Etsy Finds Friday – Not So Mellow Edition

How did I decide upon the name “Not So Mellow Designs”?  It was actually the idea of my pal, Jenno.  I was having a block and I polled a couple friends.  I wanted something that had to do with yellow, since Thing 1’s favorite color is yellow and Thing 1 kind of determines that is popular around these parts.  The shade of yellow that she likes is not-so-mellow – it is very bright!  Like “my yellow’s so bright I have to wear shades” kind of bright.  Hence “Not So Mellow Designs.”  There you go.

This Friday’s Etsy Finds is all about yellow.

1. Girls Peasant Dress/Tunic  2. French Knot Embroidery Hoop Art 3. Alphabet Print

1. Bird and Branch Necklace 2. Graphic Zinnia Table Runner 3. Medium Crochet Basket

1. You Are My Sunshine Subway Art 2. Plush Fox Pillow 3. Chevron Thank You Cards
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Forced Modelling

This former English teacher had to look up the correct spelling.  Turns out, “modelling” is the British English way, and “modeling” is the American English way.   I will be British today, thanks to the dreary weather.

Forced Modelling, that’s not the same as child labor, is it? No? Good. 😉

I knew it would not take me long to put my new fabric to use. I thought I would do something just a little different that a regular skirt – a tiered skirt. Say it with me…oooooooooh!IMG_2904
As simple as they are to create, it was something that I just haven’t done. I was not in the mood to play around with length and widths, and how long should each piece be. Blah, blah, blah. I wanted instant gratification!

Enter google.

With a quick search I was able to stumble across Chica & Jo and their tier calculator. Now, I like math as much as the next person, (you know you do…) but instant gratification does not involve sketches and numbers. I didn’t read their instructions (sorry!), just kind of put it together how it logically made sense to me.

And with the little bit of leftover fabric – a tie for amatching brother/sister set.
Ahh, yes.  My little models.  It is amazing what 3 little chocolate chips can do.
IMG_2876 copy
(for the record…I have no idea what they are looking at. I do know that “find elmo in mommy’s camera” usually brings on the cheese face, which I am not a fan of. They are silly all day long until the camera comes out.)
IMG_2881 copy
This guy…he tugs at my heartstrings. Have you seen the movie Love Actually?  He reminds me of little Sam with that scruffy, crazy hair.  I love it!  And funnily enough, that was almost Thing 2’s name.
IMG_2889 copy
March. March. March. March. I believe that was Thing 1’s mantra.

You can find both of these in the shop.  I have already made a few custom sizes in these, so don’t be shy to ask for the size you want!

Happy Grey, Rainy Thursday!  Go have a cuppa!

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