Etsy Finds Friday – Studly Edition

I have never been a big accessory wearer.  The only jewelry I wear on a daily basis (semi-daily basis?) are my wedding rings, Aggie ring, and my cartilage earring.

I know what you’re thinking – you still have that?  Didn’t most people give up on that and let it grow up already?  Well, I still have it, so don’t make fun of me!  There is a fun story behind it though…One of my dear childhood friends and I were teaching VBS at our church one summer (I was 19, she was 18) and we decided to go get it done one night.  We went straight from church to the tattoo parlor.  I was nervous telling my mom since I was technically living at home (for the summer) and since she had made it perfectly clear that she hated the things (and tattos…didn’t get one of those.)  The man who did the piercing told me that if this was the wildest thing I have done in 19 years, then my mom should calm down and consider herself lucky.  It hurt, too.  Maybe that’s why I still have it.

Where was I?  Oh, right.  accessories.  Lately I have been drawn to fun earrings – my favorites being studs.  In my opinion, there is nothing classier than the simpleness that stud earrings bring.  Plus, they are totally “mom” friendly, which makes anything high on my “I love it” list!


1. 10mm coral studs 2. fabric button studs 3. 14k gold infinity studs

1. petite round studs 2. star studs 3. silverLotus studs

1. orange and yellow lace studs 2. neon turquoise frosted studs 3. silver plated copper wire studs

1. red freshwater pearl studs 2.white, gray, & turquoise button glass studs 3. chrysoprase stud earrings
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