We’ve been M.I.A. for a month.  Sorry about that.  🙂

Ever since the last week in April, things here have been crazy. Between life and shop orders, we’ve been going, going, going.  I have made a few things for Thing 1 in between, when time allows.

Wanna know a secret?  I don’t know how to use store bought patterns.  They don’t give enough instruction (at least in my opinion).  If I buy patterns, I like to buy them from bloggers or etsy shop owners, because they have taken the time to make them, they are easier to follow, plus, they are waaaay cuter. 

My favorite one of late is the Tulip Pinafore top pattern from Sophie at Too Sweets.  I have been feeling gingham-y this spring (summer, really), probably because I have been pining over Olive Juice’s kids clothes.  If only money grew on trees…anywho.  I made the pinafore top in a simple black gingham.  It has a button closure, so I used the only large button I had on hand, a red one.  It feels a bit ladybug-ish, which I don’t care for, but she loves the top (as do I), so I’m not too bothered by it.

Plus…they go great with wellies, don’t you think.  The perfect summer top!

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