KCWC – Day 3

A success story!  Finally!  A few weeks (months?) back I bought 4 t-shirts at Goodwill with the intention of making some comfy play/sleep pants for Thing 2.  He rarely gets things sewn for him, just the odd tie here or there, you know for Easter or Christmas or something.  I followed Dana’s method for making a pants pattern – thanks Old Navy for doing the hard work for me!

Half of these pants have a sports theme.  It was hard finding shirts that I was ok with the logo or words.  A lot of people give away those free t-shirts that you get at events – which begs the question, why am I paying $2 for a shirt that someone else got for free?  Money goes to a good cause, right?

So 4 pants – black, navy, gray, & brown.  Boy staple colors.  The black ones say “Aurora” with a basketball.  The significance is that Aurora is a town in Ohio, near my husband’s hometown.  The gray pants say “Indians”, again with the Ohio thing.  Except these are football “Indians” not baseball.  Oh, and my alma mater’s mascot are the Indians.  Double score.  The navy ones are plain, and the brown ones say “Pura Vida” – glad someone got to enjoy Costa Rica, since I haven’t been able to.
KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants
KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants
I have only tried one pair on him, they are a little long, but with all his walking around, they folded up nicely on their own.  He’s not tripping, so I’m not complaining.  We’ll see about the others.

They are great for releasing butterflies (it is no longer our death cage).
KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants
Great for snatching up big sister’s Dora ball (Dora, how I loathe thee. You are banned from my house, forever and ever amen.)
KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants
Great for finding sticks and hanging out by rain gutters.
KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants
KCWC - Day 3 - Upcycled Pants

(Please ignore my back porch.  It is going to get some attention this summer, whether hubs likes it or not!)

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again.  He reminds me of sweet little Sam from Love Actually.  I love, LOVE his crazy hair. Almost as much as I love him!

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