A Little Nature Bag

Whoa!  I took a week off.  Look at that.  🙂  Turns out, turning 30 takes a lot out of you.  Especially when your husband plans a surprise trip to LA with your 4 best friends!  I am still trying to catch up on real life.

Recently, I bought this fabric from Melissa at Tiny Happy.  I have secretly followed her blog for a while now.  I love everything about her style: simple and vintage!  I believe I found her when I discovered sewing, right after my daughter , Thing 1, was born.

When I bought it, I automatically thought about making a little nature bag for Thing 1.  We go on lots of walks around the neighborhood and I figured it would be perfect for collecting fun things.  Usually she finds leaves and makes me hold onto them for her, which is hard when I am trying to pull Thing 2 in the wagon.  She wouldn’t dare put her finds in the wagon with baby brother, he might do something extreme, you know, like look at them or (hold your breath) touch them!  🙂

When I proposed this idea to her, she was immediately on board.  She is typically on board with anything I make, as long as it is for her.  I didn’t use a pattern (obviously, as it is not fancy or impressive) and hindsight, I would have made it taller than wide, but I was accomodating her wishes.  Whatever.  She likes it. 

And an action shot. She asked that I take her picture in the “pretty flower tree”. Because it is wider than it is tall, she tends to lose some of her objects as she swings the bag and jumps. If you know any three year olds, then you know that they don’t walk anywhere; they hop/skip/jump/run everwhere!

Don’t worry, little brother is not left out. I bought this fabric for his own nature bag, when he actually walks with us. He has recently taken to walking, but prefers riding still. For now.

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