Etsy Finds Friday – Not So Mellow Edition

How did I decide upon the name “Not So Mellow Designs”?  It was actually the idea of my pal, Jenno.  I was having a block and I polled a couple friends.  I wanted something that had to do with yellow, since Thing 1’s favorite color is yellow and Thing 1 kind of determines that is popular around these parts.  The shade of yellow that she likes is not-so-mellow – it is very bright!  Like “my yellow’s so bright I have to wear shades” kind of bright.  Hence “Not So Mellow Designs.”  There you go.

This Friday’s Etsy Finds is all about yellow.

1. Girls Peasant Dress/Tunic  2. French Knot Embroidery Hoop Art 3. Alphabet Print

1. Bird and Branch Necklace 2. Graphic Zinnia Table Runner 3. Medium Crochet Basket

1. You Are My Sunshine Subway Art 2. Plush Fox Pillow 3. Chevron Thank You Cards
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