Etsy Finds Friday – Upcycled Edition

I always love reading Etsy Finds Friday posts, so I thought it would be a fun thing to start doing.  You know, since this blog is so old and all.  Plus, it is a terrible thing to do to have to scour Etsy for hours on end.  Kinda like Pinterest.  😉

I decided to have themes each week.  This week’s theme is indirectly inspired by Lent.  I gave up buying new things for Lent (household necessities excluded.)  If I need something for myself or the kids, I will either make it or purchased it second-hand.  I am hoping that this will motivate me to analyze all my purchases going forward to see what I can and can’t refashion from things we already have or thrifted items.  It will be hard, as my 30th birthday falls during Lent, and what gal doesn’t like a little shopping for her birthday – especially a milestone like this.

I got off topic.  I always had that problem in school…

All the items included on this week’s finds are handmade from upcycled materials.

Etsy Finds Week 1-1

1. Bunting Sweater Wool Pennants 2. Personalized Sweater Ball 3. Paper Roses Wreath

Etsy Finds Week 1-2

1. Crinkle Owl Toy 2. Rainbow Rag Rug 3. Felt Ball Wreath

Etsy Finds Week 1-3 copy

1. Upcycled Matryoshka Dolls 2. Sweater Pillow 3. Baby Toy Turtle

Etsy Finds Week 1-4

1. Burlap Peru Coffee Pillow 2. Upcycled Baby Pants 3. Fabric Garland
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